ACN-Normandie is the result of the union of 11 industrial SMEs who have decided to come together and create a new entity to industrial and commercial in order to adapt to the demands of the market and customers.
These 11 industrial SMEs are known and recognized regionally (Lower Normandy) for their expertise and professionalism. They are involved in various sectors of the business industry and complementary skills.
The 11 founding industrial SMEs ACN Normandy are also shareholders and key partners. The mission of ACN-Normandie is to provide its customers with an offer multi-business solutions and sustainable industrial and construction subcontracting.
ACN-Normandie operates mainly in the supply of industrial equipment goods (components and sub-assemblies of metal, special means and automated systems). ACN Normandy benefitted from its customers and its pole PRODUCTION ENGINEERING Industrial Pole.
ACN-Normandie is the sole entity responsible for its customers and prospects. It manages customer relations and marketing initiatives and the management of project implementation.